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"If you want your children to be smart, tell them stories. If you want them to be brilliant,

tell them more stories." 

- Albert Einstein

"Thank you for a thoroughly entertaining day of storytelling. It was lovely to hear staff comparing which stories you had told and with which props! All our children from 4-11 years old were absolutely engaged!"
South Avenue Primary School, Kent

I’m passionate about inspiring young minds through the power of stories and igniting their imaginations to become enthusiastic story creators and confident communicators.


The development of oracy skills is key to providing a rich learning environment across the curriculum for young people of all ages. Storytelling plays a key part in oracy education using speech and language to develop thinking, knowledge, understanding and in turn supporting emotional health and wellbeing.


Storytelling and the use of stories is embedded in the National Curriculum from Early Years right through to Key Stage 2 in both spoken English and the practice of talk to write or oral rehearsal.

I work with pre-school through to Key Stage 2 and in Special Needs education both telling and creating stories through interactive performances and drama and storytelling workshops. I also offer virtual storytelling visits and pre-records.

All my sessions encourage participation from the children to help tell the story and often involve a whole host of colourful props and puppets, especially for early years. I have an extensive repertoire of stories and all can be themed to support topics across the curriculum.

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I also offer staff training to schools or organisations keen to utilise storytelling techniques in the classroom or workplace. 

For further information on booking sessions or to discuss a project do get in touch. 

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"Thank you so much for coming to visit us today. The children have absolutely loved it, early years have been acting out the story all day!" 
Chalkwell Infants School
Key Stage 2 Storytelling
Key Stage 2 storytelling
Key Stage 2 storytelling
Ready for Stories
Pre-School Storytelling
Key Stage 1 storytelling

Hinguar Primary School

The children were enthralled!  

Hannah was amazing and kept the children fully engaged.

Hamstel Junior School

From the moment she began, our children were transfixed as Hannah skilfully drew the children into the story.  The children left the session having been thoroughly entertained and inspired by the magical tour de force that is Hannah the Storyteller.

Frank Wise School

virtual session

Thank you once again for this afternoon. The pupils adored it, as did the members of support staff! 

It was such a wonderful opportunity for me to observe the pupils and their responses to you too.

To see how engaged they were was a joy. 

Burnt Oak Primary

The children thoroughly enjoyed the storytelling session and so did the teachers. As I sat in my office just outside the room used for the storytelling I heard children saying "that was brilliant" "that was so good". Thank you Hannah for engaging with our pupils so well. 

Wentworth Primary School

The children and teachers involved in the sessions thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Teachers have asked if we could organise for you to come back!  

Thriftwood SEN College

All of the participants enjoyed the experience. They were fully engaged, even the ones who to begin with felt they were too 'cool' to join in. The staff were delighted that it was such a successful, inspiring experience. One teacher plans to build her whole series of lessons for the following week around the story.


'I loved the props that were used.'

'The noises the lady made for the creature were very funny.'


''I loved the props that were used.''

''The noises the lady made for the creature were very funny.''

"I liked how she made the story really fun!"


''I really enjoyed the story and being able to write my own after.''

"I liked it because of Hannah's expression and her speech."

"I liked it because I like believing in magic."

"I liked how she told the story and it was really amazing!"

"I had fun!"

"I like how she made up the monsters in it."