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Welcome to the Story Wood.

It's time to see what story you can catch for me!

"Thank you so much for coming to visit us today. The children have absolutely loved it, early years have been acting out the story all day!" 
Chalkwell Infants School

The Early Years Curriculum cites storytelling and recognises the important role listening to and actively being involved in storytelling plays in developing both language and understanding. The curriculum at both Key Stage 1 & 2 further supports the use of storytelling to develop spoken language and reading comprehension. The following sessions have been designed with these aims in mind.

Story Wood Sessions

Oakley the Story Elf and I bring stories from traditional tales and tales from around the world with plenty of opportunity for joining in, perfect for pre-schoolers to KS1. Stories can also be linked to topics and seasonal special occasions

Story Wood Sessions Plus

These sessions offer the same fun and interactive elements of Story Wood Sessions, but with added story building games that help with speaking and listening and creative writing skills.

Virtual Story Wood Sessions 

These are 20 -30 minute mini stories on a virtual platform of your choice. They feature puppets and plenty of joining in. I can also provide pre-recorded sessions if preferred.

Frequently asked questions

What does a typical session look like?

Children are told about the story wood and meet Oakley my story elf. They are invited to help us catch a story and then join in to help tell it. I use colourful props and sometimes a whole host of puppet friends to aid in the telling. The sessions are fun, colourful and interactive. Story Wood Plus sessions have the added opportunity to build a new story as a group through story games.

How long are the sessions?

Story Wood Sessions are typically between 20 and 30minutes in length. Story Wood Plus Sessions are slightly longer at 40minutes. Virtual Story Wood Sessions are typically shorter at between 15 and 20minutes depending on the platform chosen.

How many children can you have in a session?

Story Wood Sessions: A single class size of up to 35 children is ideal, especially for Early Years, but if space allows then I can have up to 90 children in a session. Story Wood Session Plus: A single class size or up to a max of 35 children. Virtual Story Wood Sessions: Zoom & Google Team sessions max 35 children. Other platforms limitless!

What do we need to provide?

I need a dedicated space that the children can come to me, that isn't a thoroughfare and has plenty of space. A school hall or library are ideal. I am accomodating and can work in classrooms, as long as there is plenty of space for the children to sit comfortably and I can have space to move and interact. Moving between classrooms for sessions isn't ideal, but isn't impossible! I will need a chair and a minimum of 10 minutes to set up and a minimum of 10 minutes between sessions. A member of staff must be present at all times. Access to a toilet and water are essential and a parking space would be appreciated. Virtual Sessions will need to be organised by the school in line with individual safe guarding arrangements and I can advise on how to best run the sessions if new to using virtual learning.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes I have cover up to £10 million in PLI. I also have an enhanced DBS certificate and I am on the DBS update serice.

How much does it cost?

Half Day Rate: £150 ( Up to 3 hours including breaks) Full Day Rate: £275 ( Up to 6 hours including breaks) Single Sessions £100 (Up to 1 Hour) Nurseries providing pre-school provision qualify for a reduced rate. Please contact for more details. Virtual sessions are offered at a reduced rate. Please contact for more details. Recurring visits or a series of workshops are discounted. Please contact for details. TRavel is included within a reasonable distance of my base in Essex. All other travel is charged at 40p a mile or cost of public transport.


St Mary's Primary School

The children loved the storytelling session and especially meeting Oakley. Thank you!

Scared Heart Catholic Primary

Inspiring and fun storytelling sessions today. As well as being entertained by the stories, it was a joy to watch the children's captivated faces as Hannah worked her magic.

Trinket Box Nursery

Our children are always excited and enthralled by Hannah & Oakley's visits to us.